About Us

Linton Solutions provide Environmental and Economic Solutions for Agriculture and Industrial markets offering a full spectrum of consultancy, design, manufacture, installation, after-sales service and support. We supply bespoke solutions to meet our customer’s specific needs ensuring a cost effective means of solving a problem using proven technology.


To be a leading supplier of environmental and economic solutions in the farming community and industrial markets.


Our Ethos is based on delivering outstanding customer service through efficient and effective solutions.

We do what we say and act with integrity in all situations. When we make an error we promptly sort. We respect and empower our employees, building up trust amongst our team and you our customer.


Trevor Linton in 1981 was inspired by a trade magazine article about a Pig Farmer in Oxfordshire, England who designed his own slurry separator to reduce the ‘pig odour’ and therefore the complaints from his neighbours. From this casual read the trading company ‘Linton Agriculture’ was conceived with the objective of developing a marketing and supply company with “niche product and superior service that few could copy”, and therefore be known and recognized for particular market applications and solutions.

For 9 years Trevor, who is still actively involved in the management of the company, sold and installed various separators across the UK and Ireland. But it was only in 1990 when he agreed to be the distributor for Carrier Pollution Control and their products he realized that at last, after nearly a decade of searching, he had found a niche product that could stand up to his vision of being able to offer a product with superior service due to its design performance offering low energy and maintenance costs with high reliability.

In 2004 the company trading as Linton Ag Industrial, in another key milestone in the company’s history successfully bought the manufacturing and patent rights of the CARIER ROTOSCREEN SEPERATOR allowing the company to develop the uniqness of the design for other Industrial markets involving waste treatment applications.

Today with additional experienced management team on board and an expanding product portfolio Linton Solutions is stretching the envelope in superior products and solutions for waste management in particular and overall farming and Industrial management solutions.

Nutrient Management

  • Liquid Storage
  • Separation
  • Pumping
  • Mixing & Aeration Forming Complete Treatment Systems

Animal Welfare

  • Feedin
  • Bedding and Flush Clean Systems for Livestock Housing

Commercial Buildings

  • Weather Protection
  • Ventilation
  • Door and Screen Access Systems