Galebreaker Products



A sectional rollerdoor system which helps meet Quality Assurance standards. This material door is fast in operation and has a bird-proof seal. Each section is independent giving you a choice of Galebreaker mesh or solid materials per section.

The ideal access solution providing weather protection, ventilation and light for farm buildings.


An economical long lasting economy door for agricultural buildings. A strong material door which provides access to the full height of the opening. Simple to install and fast to operate.
Ideal door for farm buildings including general purpose buildings and milking parlours.



Spring operated roller screen system for above gates, walls and feed barriers in farm buildings. Providing fast access, weather protection and variable ventilation. Operational even in poor weather conditions.
​A rollerblind system for agricultural applications including livestock feed passages, scraper passages, main livestock entrances, equestrian doors, hay and straw storage, variable ventilation control and milking parlours.



Operational up to 20m wide, these wide access doors are vertically folding and operate on existing building uprights. A cost effective solution for large openings.
Ideal for grain stores, silage stores, feed stores, livestock and general purpose agricultural buildings requiring doors for large doorways.


A sliding curtain screen system which runs on overhead tracking providing weather protection and ventilation for agricultural buildings with wide openings. Can be used with Galebreaker mesh or solid materials.
Material screens ideal for agritultural buildings requiring wide access; livestock buildings, grain stores, feed stores and general purpose farm buildings.


Electric rolling systems for farm building access. Weather protection and ventilation. Covers can span multiple bays in-line. Opens from the bottom.
Ideal for any farm building requiring weather protection but where access is required for machinery, feedstuffs or livestock. Also ideal for shading or protecting hay and straw.


Galebreaker have taken a modular approach when designing the VVS system. With 360 different options to choose from each VVS can be specifically tailored to suit individual customer needs.
VVS systems can be supplied for simple low-budget manually operated installations to fully automated weather controlled multi-curtain multi-building applications.

Light Ridge

An active ventilating ridge system designed to improve air circulation through livestock buildings by providing an exit path through the roof ridge for warm stale air while, at the same time, improving the transmission of natural light into the building.
Tailored wind guide plates that make the system ‘active’ in almost any weather conditions Used in conjunction with VVS, can help provide total ventilation control


Clip-on fast fit panels with built-in ratchet tensioning system for permanent or temporary weather protection and ventilation for farm buildings.
An alternative to Yorkshire boarding and space boarding delivering improved ventilation, weather protection and light transmission.


Galebreaker mesh material available off-the-roll for a wide range of DIY screening applications.
A DIY screening solution providing fixed systems for weather protection and ventilation in agricultural buildings. A low cost alternative to Yorkshire boarding and space boarding. The ideal sheet material for DIY windbreakers or side cladding.


Sila-Cover 300 is a range of secure covers which provide protection for silage.
The bird proof vermin proof silage cover is held in position with secure gravel bags known as Sila-Bags.

Sila-Bags are hooked onto the silage protection sheet to hold them in position.